Kathryn is passionate about helping people in need. Ms. Boles has brought in an unprecedented number of outside grants over the last 14 years totaling $3,623,652. Her extensive experience in the non-profit sector has given her the tools to turn that passion into funding for a number of projects, including:

  • Michigan Health Endowment Fund for Evidence-Based Programs
  • Care Transitions 3026 funding opportunity through CMS totaling $1,204,011over two years. This served 5,021 people and has reduced hospital readmissions by 20%
  • Secured grant dollars totaling $900,000 to serve City of Flint residents subjected to the Flint Water Crisis.
  • Partnered with the Genesee County Senior Millage to match the Medicaid dollars through MI Choice Waiver to serve more people! A total of $360,000 of additional dollars were secured for Genesee County the first year, $360,000 for the second year, $505,815 for the third year, $360,000 for the fourth year, $430,554 for the fifth year, $430,554 for the sixth and final year. $2,446,923 in total.


Other financial accomplishments by Ms. Boles:

  • Moved the Valley Area Agency on Aging toward investing a portion of its Reserves. In 2017 the investments generated $86,107.51
  • Moved VAAA to a new location saving over $36,000 over the course of two years
  • Initiated Vendor View and ACH payments in the Finance Department. Saving on paper and vendors receive payment via direct deposit every month